Automatic batching system for welding electrode coating mass preparation

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    • Weighing/batching system was initially created for dosing of specific materials used in manufacturing of welding electrodes, particularly for the coating material which will be placed on the welding electrode’s carrying wire. The specific materials include rutile, marble, FeMn, FeCr, FeTi, FeV, FeB, FeMo, FeSi, FeNb, FeW, dolomite, cellulose, graphite, molybdenum, aluminium powder, soda, feldspar, clay , mica and other.
      The system is able to prepare equally precise parts for ingredients both forming majority of the mixture and those very expensive (needed just in fractions of 1 percent), according to recipe set up by operator. In this kind of systems any deviation for expensive material – don’t matter if you put more or less – is highly unacceptable.
      The system consists of integrated hardware and software part, therefore it is responsible for accumulation and safety of the manufacturing data (recipes, use of raw material, operator logging with different levels of password protected access and responsibility etc.). Our software system guarantees maximum tracing and tracking possibilities and unmatched final product quality.

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