Dust and volume flow analyzers

    • D-R 220 – Optical transmission analyzer to measure the opacity or dust concentration of sample gas. Can be calibrated to measure low and high dust concentrations. Compact and cost effective system to monitor the opacity or dust concentration in combustion and filter systems, ducts and warehouses.


      • In-situ measurement, continuous operation
      • Suitable for systems with variable gas speed
      • Allows calibration to measure the dust concentration in mg/m3
      • Measurement of opacity
      • Qualitative dust measurements for monitoring the function of filters
      • Can be used even at thick-walled stone / insulated ducts
      • Device is not in contact with sample gas
      • Long life LED
      • Hermetically sealed enclosures – no flue gas diffusion to optics or electronics unit
      • Optimized purge air provides long maintenance intervals
      • Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance
      • Parameterization is possible with or without a PC locally
      • Parameterization from external via RS-485 Modbus RTU possible

      D-FL 220 – Ultrasonic sensor system to measure the velocity and the volume flow of flue gas or process gas in pipes or ducts. Two identical sensors transmit and receive ultrasonic pulses alternately. The flow velocity of the flue gas is precisely calculated from the direction dependant transit time difference of the ultrasonic pulses. The flow rate is calculated taking into account the cross-section of the stack, the gas temperature and the absolute pressure. The D-FL 220 system performs automatic self-check cycles and requires extremely low maintenance.

      • In situ measurement, continuous measurement
      • Measurement even in wet or dust-laden flue gas
      • Allows calibration to measure the volume flow
      • Suitable for thick-walled stone / insulated ducts
      • Automatic zero and span check
      • Sensors are purged and are therfore not in contact with sample gas
      • Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance
      • No separate control unit required
      • Very low maintenance


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