Liikumises kaalumissüsteemi kontroller "Matrix"

The original controller “Matrix” was created and optimized for truck and railway wagon weighing both in static and dynamic modes. This optimal solution ensures great reliability and almost eliminates additional engineering around the controller. Integrated industrial and network interfaces makes integration of Matrix into existing technological and bookkeeping systems easy task.
Integrated state of the art technologies and unique Weight-In-Motion algorithm makes Matrix one of the best controllers worldwide.


Without standard features for this kind of controllers, Matrix is able to:

– detect direction and speed of vehicle moving;
– weights any object moving over scales;
– automatically recognizes vehicle type (VT), quantity, number and weight of axles;
– detects distance between axles;
– performs automatic self-diagnostic and diagnostic of scales.


Additional special features:

– hardware and software are independent both from VT types and sizes;
– combined wagon/truck weighing: axle by axle; by element (group of axles) or „full length“, most precize weighing method selection and receivable result selection for particular scales and particular VT type;
– real-time, integrated, software based control of “smooth” weighing procedure and weighing result received;
– integrated multiparameter „virtual“ calibration feature enables automatic calculation of dynamic adjusting factors depending on particular scales, moving speed and even wagon position within train;
– detection of stopping on the scales and backward moving, immediately following further weighing procedure in standard way.


Maximum flexibility

Matrix is able to work simultaneously with several scales. Moreover, every scale in turn could consist of several separate platforms (multiplatform scales). This feature enables to reach maximal flexibility starting from design and planning phase up to exploitation of the installed scales. Working in static mode, customer is able to choose necessary combination of scales (especially when using multiplatform scales). In dynamic mode, Matrix makes it automatically.


Global access

Using integrated Ethernet interface, Matrix is easily connectable to LAN/WAN networks, what makes possible:
– remote configuration and adjusting of parameters;
– upgrading of integrated software;
– possibility to control Matrix from remote PC;
– access to weighing data and other information.


Graphic display

To visualize weighing data and other information Matrix has integrated graphic Touch Screen display. In case if information is necessary for operator who is situated far from scales, operator’s PC is used for visualization and Matrix has no display.


Virtual dynamic calibration

During scales adjusting procedure controller saves initial data in his memory. That data could be used for virtual calibration. Virtual calibration is powerful and very convenient way especially if Matrix is used in big companies with enormous flow of vehicles to be weighted. During real adjustment, one has to “ride” test VT through scales several times. Specific function ofMatrix enables to do this “ride” over scales virtually and, using data received earlier make necessary calculations.

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