Standard labelling systems

    • Top/bottom labelling

      Model LO-1600 is build for labelling of tray packs and similar products, on top and bottom.

      The 2 section conveyor is build in a low profile design, in stainless steel and aluminium.
      It can be delivered with belts in different qualities and dimensions and to run in left or right direction.

      The dispensers are mounted on adjustable spindles, for easy adjustment of the desired label position. The bottom dispenser can glide out to the side of the conveyor frame, for easy change of label roll.

      top bottom

      Wrap-around labelling

      Model RL-2000 is designed for labelling of round containers at a high speed and with a high quality result.

      It contains a conveyor which feeds the containers into a carousel where the containers are held upright. When the containers pass the series 4000 dispenser, a label will be applied.

      The labelled containers are transferred to the conveyor and transported out of the system again. The method ensures a correct vertical position of the container while it is labelled, giving a correct horizontal label position.

      The microprocessor control offers easy control of all functions and the closed housing ensures a pleasant and safe environment.


      Front/back labelling

      Model MO-2500, S4 is designed for labelling of front- and backside of containers.
      With its efficient chain aligner it can align the position of oval shaped container
      s before applying the labels. The containers are held between the conveyor and a top-belt during labelling to give an optimal result. The advanced and modern Series 4000 dispensers apply the labels on the containers. The wipe down belts with foam surface, press the label efficient on to the container surface for perfect contact.
      The system can be delivered in many configurations
      : with larger conveyor or dispensers, product separator, counter, print system, etc.

      front back

    Other products

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