Photovoltaic silicon wafer loading/unloading system by Kemek Engineering

2016 Februāris 23d.

Kemek Engineering offers automated Loading/Unloading system for silicon wafer based photovoltaic production lines. Our system provides effective wafer handling with  single side transfer, extremely low breakage rate and damage detection. With more than 25 years of engineering experience we are able to create unique products and complex automated solutions for the best price/quality ratio.

Technical data:

Input voltage –  200-240 VAC

Max. Power consumption –  5,0 kW

CDa pressure –  4-8 bar

Loading dimensions (l x w x h) –  2960 x 1350 x 1870

Unloading dimensions (l x w x h) –  2960 x 2120 x 1870

In/output lanes –  2 (more lanes available)

Wafer size –  156 x156 mm

Wafer thickness –  200 µm

Cassette type –  ACR

Wafer breakage rate –  <0,05%

Throughput W/h –  1200/h

Storage capacity –  4 cassettes

Breakage detection –  Unloading only


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