Reinforced concrete production equipment

KEMEK Engineering represent finnish company Elematic which is the global technology and market leader in precast concrete technology for residential and non-residential buildings. Elematic’s EDGE production lines and machines are especially designed for precasters seeking very high capacity, a wide product range, and highly automated precast production.

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Concrete plant automation system "Con-Fas"

Whether we are crossing a bridge, walking down a sidewalk, living in a house or looking at a monument, today, more than ever concrete is present in our daily lives and environment.

Although it is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world, easy to produce and suitable for all levels of technology, concrete producers face many issues today. High labour costs, the demand of consistent quality and efficiency in production process require many efforts to stay competitive. This leads many concrete producers to consider factory automation, as the most effective solution for work process rationalization.

Con-FAS is a cost-effective way to achieve consistently high product quality, to increase output and thus to withstand competitive pressures.

Concrete Factory Automation System Con-FAS

Concrete factory automation system Con-FAS is built on the world-class hardware technology, value-adding software, deep experience and competence. Tailored to a wide range of concrete and asphalt factory configurations, the system ensures accurate material dosing, remote factory supervision and control, monitoring of the entire system, data archiving, moisture control and immediate notification of possible errors and problems.

Con-FAS Advantages:

Con-FAS solution provides an opportunity for the highest gains in efficiency, quality control and profit through the following features:

• Improved product quality. Con-FAS helps to achieve consistently high product quality ensuring error-free production process, dosing with supreme accuracy and temperature stability of production process.
Human factor elimination. Completely automated system eliminates the need of work force in production process and provides an opportunity for reduction in enterprise human resource up to 25 %. Since manual work is out of use, Con-FAS eliminates the possibilities for error in the production process.
Efficient truck loading. Automated system enables to reduce truck charging time by tailoring batch discharge to each individual truck. It makes truck loading more efficient and allows avoiding truck queues.
Fast and convenient installation. The standard world-class hardware equipment (Mettler-Toledo, Omron, Siemens, etc.) used in our solutions and ready-made software renders system installation possible in one week almost without production process interruption.

Moreover, Con-FAS is a cost-effective solution. Modernizing your plant with Con-FAS instead of constructing a new one you save about 85 % of your money.

Key features:

• Weighing and dosing system accuracy ±0,03 %
• Real time inventory control
Moisture control device accuracy 0,3 %
Over and under weighing error reduction
On time and easy identification of faulty operations
Password protected for different levels of authority
Tailored to all concrete batching applications
Weighing equipment operation temperature diapason (-10ºC ÷ 45ºC)
Ability to connect to repository for the management of raw materials
Ability to connect with the accounting department for the issue of invoices according to delivery data
To assure compatibility with your business application, Con-FAS software runs in a standard PC


Con-FAS Hardware equipment

For complete solution implementation we co-operate with world-known international producers, providing us the fallowing hardware equipment:

Mettler-Toledo weighing terminals/indicators
Mettler-Toledo weigh modules
OMRON PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
OMRON HMI (Human and Machine Interfaces)
Danfoss valves/pressure transmitters
Franz-Ludwig microwave moisture metering probe
Franz-Ludwig moisture meters
Proximity access control system

Nevertheless, system configuration with equipment of other manufacturers are available upon request.

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Concrete quality testing equipment

We offer various equipment suitable for testing concrete properties and structural parameters.

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Mineral heating systems

When mixing concrete at the temperatures down to minus 8º C, the minerals required – gravel and sand – will need heating, and maybe water, too.
Heating Systems – tailored to suit individual demands – are suitable for various types of mineral storage. The use of hot air keeps minerals completely dry, and provides ideal conditions for measuring the amount of water required by the concrete making process. The ratio of water to cement can thus be maintained at a controlled optimal value. And because the gravel and sand are dry, corrosion in the outlet part of a silo will be prevented.

By the heating the minerals alone, Heating Systems are capable of raising the temperature of the concrete by about 15º C. And additional rise of 8º C can be obtained by heating the water. A combined heating effect of 23º C is thus realizable.

An alternative to a fixed installation, Heating Systems for concrete production plant can be housed in a standard container for transport between sites. The weather-proofed container contains an air heater, a water heater, an oil tank, various reservoirs for additives, and automatic controls. The system is supplied to a customer completely prepared for operation.

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