Weigh-In-Motion system

Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems are used on local roads and highways.


Typical system capabilities:

• Vehicle classification;

• Number of vehicle axles identification;

• Vehicle’s individual axle weight measurements;

• Vehicle’s total weight measurement;

• Number of passing vehicles fixation;

• Vehicle speed limit setting;

• Observation of weather and road surface hydrometeorological data.


Typical WIM system’s capabilities and functionality complements the secondary automated systems:

• Video surveillance and capture;

• Vehicle state registration number fixation;

• Vehicle’s bulk fixation;

• Remote data transmission, visualization.


With the help of software WIM data is recorded, analyzed and compared in various aspects:

• Fixation of authorized speed violations facts;

• monitoring and recording if the vehicle gross weight does not exceed the allowable limits;

• According to state registration numbers checking if road taxes are paid;

• Checking insurance companies, technical inspection, border control, customs and other databases;

• Testing of road load, bandwidth, general state of the calculations and projections.

KEMEK Engineering applied WIM (car transport) projects:

2002 – Latvia. Road A4

2004 – Lithuania. Border (Customs)

2004 – Lithuania. Border (Customs)

2005 – Kazakhstan. Border (Customs) 12 systems

2006 – Kazakhstan. Border (Customs) 4 Systems

2006 – Uzbekistan. Border (Customs) 2 systems

2007 – Russian Federation. Border (Customs) 7 systems

2007 – Latvia. Road A9

2009 – Lithuania. Road 131

2010 – Russian Federation. Border (Customs) 8 systems

2011 – Latvia. Road A10

2011 – Russian Federation. Border (Customs) 16 systems

2012 – Latvia. Road A1

2012 – Latvia. Road P108

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