Modernization of railway scales

2015 November 02d.

The biggest advantage of  modernization is a small price. Upgraded vehicle weighing technical characteristics are similar to the new Mettler Toledo electronic transport characteristics of the scales.
Modernization of railway wagons weighing out the following tasks: lift the existing mechanical scales weighing platform dismantled arms, head, prisms, leaving only the weighing platform frame, and if the current platform frame is too short, it may be prolonged and consolidate under a separate project, if necessary, the platform cleaned and coated with anti-corrosive coating, the balance of the former head of mechanical wedge locations support columns, the columns supporting the weight sensors built with back-plates, the weighing platform is lowered on a weight sensor, the upper bearing plate welded to the frame of the weighing platform, and the lower-to metal plates, concreted into the support columns, calibrated scales and giving a metrological services, customer personnel trained to work with weights.

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