Bioreactors, shakers, biomass monitoring

We offer Swiss company’s INFORS HT bioreactors, incubation shakers and bioprocess monitoring equipment for laboratories.

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Precision, micro and analytical balances

Precision, analytical and micro balances for the laboratory and production environment.

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pH, O₂, conductivity and ion meters

We offer METTLER TOLEDO’s benchtop and portable meters for pH, conductivity, ion concentration (ISE), ORP and dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements.

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Colour measurement equipment

Versatile benchtop and portable spectrophotometers are designed to meet the color measurement needs of laboratory, R&D and production users.

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Light measurement equipment

Accurate and user-friendly solutions for the measurement of Light and Display

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Mass comparators

Comparators determine even the smallest differences in mass. They provide highest resolution and excellent repeatability – the critical factors for your comparative weighing performance. We offer several models with readabilities as fine as 0.1 μg and capacities up to 5400 kilograms.

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