Combined checkweighers

  • METTLER TOLEDO CombiCheckers (checkweigher and metal detection combination systems) are extremely compact in-line checkweighing and metal detection units. Combining these two technologies with a single touch-screen user interface makes these combination systems ideal for all applications that require an effective brand protection program – especially where floor space is at a premium.

    The checkweigher measures product weights quickly and precisely, rejecting ‘out-of-tolerance’ products, while the metal detector reliably detects and rejects products contaminated by metal.

    Both systems are controlled from one central point. This simplifies and speeds up data entry, product changeovers, production quality documentation/statistics and operator training. The metal detector is available in a variety of pass widths and heights, which are optimised for maximum detection sensitivity and protection of products. The system is also available in a hygienic (H) version for applications with a regular hygienic cycle, where intensive, and high-pressure cleaning is required.

    Additional options

    A range of options and accessories enable all systems to be configured to suit your specific needs, such as ‘Reject verification for metal-contaminated products’ to comply with food production standards that include IFS and BRC. Some of offered checkweighers also have X-ray capabilities to help detect foreign bodies.


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