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  • The MSI-3700 Magnum Plus is an innovative break from conventional lift truck scales. While other models rely on sheer bulk for strength, the Magnum plus incorporates advanced design concepts to provide a unique set of product advantages.

    Minimize your lost lifting capacity
    Although you will always lose some lifting capacity when adding an attachment to your lift truck, you can minimize the loss. Magnum Plus reduces the loss more than any other scale because it addresses the cause–load center shift.The solution is an attachment that is lighter and narrower. At 165 lbs (75 kg), Magnum Plus is the lightest lift truck scale available. Its advanced design, which utilizes materials with high strength-to-weight ratios, reduces mass and bulk without compromising strength. Magnum Plus maintains a 200 percent safe and an ultimate overload rating of 500 percent.

    A single load cell for simplicity
    A single load cell system like the Magnum Plus is the most practical and efficient weighing design for lift truck scales. Unlike multiple load cell designs, it is simple for you to calibrate and maintain. It eliminates the problems associated with multiple load cells, which often must be adjusted painstakingly.

    Avoid extended downtime and expensive repairs

    Unlike other models, which put multiple load cells at risk of damage from overload, the Magnum Plus load cell will never cause you downtime or expensive repairs. Excessive loads never reach the load cell because it is guarded by a double-protection system. A series of mechanical overload stops transfer shock loads through the truck. If there is a severe shock such as a collision, the Magnum Plus also utilizes flexures that give way like a fuse before the load cell can be damaged. Flexures can be replaced easily in the field without special tools or welding, and they are a fraction of a load cell’s cost.

    Indicators stretch your weighing system capabilities
    Your weight indicator is a critical component of your lift truck’s weighing system – its functions and durability determine how and where you can use your lift truck. MSI created the 3650 digital weight indicator specifically for lift truck applications. Its full feature set helps you to manage inventory, quality control and commerce applications with ease. You can generate customized reports simply with an optional printer. And its rugged construction resists industrial abuse.

    Outstanding performance guarantee. Magnum Plus is backed by a one-year warranty, and is guaranteed to perform to your highest expectations.


    Standard Features
    Scale Carriage

    • Compatible with Class II or III forklift carriages
    • Safe overload rating at 200%
    • Ultimate overload rating of 500%
    • Four steel flexures that absorb excessive shock and vibration in order to protect the scale’s load cell

    MSI-3650 Digital Indicator

    • NEMA 4, IP-65 rated alondined and powder coated cast aluminum enclosure
    • 6 digit, 0.90 in (23 mm) numeric LCD weight display
    • 8 digit, 0.45 in (11mm) alphanumeric LCD message display
    • 21 segment analog bar graph for level indications with NTEP option
    • LED annunciator for Totalizing and Set Point indication
    • Zero, Net/Gross, Tare, Total, Print functions
    • 12 programmable ID codes
    • Pound/Kilogram units


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