Dynamic wheel Loader Scales

  • The Power wheel loader scale is a fully dynamic scale that has three different weighing modes in one instrument: easy-to-use storage weighing, memo weighing with various reporting options and fast basic weighing. Different weighing modes guarantee the versatile use of the Power scale in all conditions and application. Versatile options like the rear-view camera and immobilizer system increases safety remarkable. Wireless data transfer and cloud services allow accessing the weighing data in real time and speed up the invoicing.


    • The wide measurement range of the Smart Weighing allows the versatile use of the scale in various applications. E.g., heavy material is possible to weight close to the ground, which causes less wear and tear of the machine, diminishes the fuel consumption and required service and increases safety.
    • The wide measurement range reduces the rejected weighing results as the scale chooses the most optimal weighing results even when working in uneven surface
    • Faster tip-off function saves time and makes the overload control easy. Before it was necessary to lower the boom after tip-off function to sum the last bucket to the total load. Now lowering the boom is not required and the last bucket is possible to measure straight to the total loaded sum.
    • Weight when you lower the boom and deduct the leftover material from the bucket. This function is available even in commercial scales.
    • Smart Weighing is easy and fast to install, which saves your time and money. Installation, calibration and even verification can be all done in same day.
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